Friday, June 29, 2012

Frame of the Day - Fritz Frames

Fritz Frames are amongst the most stunning I've seen. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the timbers used are beautiful quality and they're produced locally to me - on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. I feel particularly biased, because I've met the Fritz Frames guys at ODMA fair in Sydney (where they won the Award of Excellence in the Sunglasses category) and they are SO LOVELY, I just couldn't help but love their brand even more. During my time as an Optical Sales Rep, I've seen their displays in a few stores, and they really have their branding nailed. It's more than eye-catching, it's eye-hypnotising!

Here's a beautiful shot of some frames in my favourite timber

Just one of the great shots they use for marketing
A close up of the craftsmanship
They also do amazing custom pieces!

Check out their website at
or their Facebook page at

Happy Drooling!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catherine Deneuve is a total babe

What a ridiculous babe. She's working mini specs, a paintbrush, a beret and some sort of freakin' cravat thing like a total Madamoiselle. 

"Here's looking at you, gentlemen."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Stupid Face

I've always been crazy short sighted. I HAVEN'T always worn glasses. I mostly wear contact lenses, and before I wore those, I didn't wear anything at all (life sure was interesting back then! I don't know how I crossed the street safely!)
Working in optics has given me a pretty deep-seated love of glasses, which is great because I can't wear contacts all-day every-day. So here is a homage to my stupid face and the many frames I inflict it with. It might be worth noting that I own about 20 pairs of prescription spectacles (and many more that don't yet have frames in them!) but somehow, these are the only ones I have photos of. Enjoy! (or not!)