Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guys with Glasses Tumblr

More babes wearing glasses, you say? Why, I can arrange that! Thanks to the Guys with Glasses Tumblr, here is a feast for your eyes...

Monday, August 27, 2012

I Found Gallery: Part 3

Part 3 in my slightly frothing I Found Gallery series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well!

Amazing Large Lens Multi-Coloured Vintage Eyeglasses Mens 1970s Non Prescription Lenses Intact

Great pair in excellent condition ,lens are clear non prescription! or ready to wear or for your special lens choice.1970s 80s,high quality optical frames,marbled multi colored frames translucent.These are probably new old stock,with original shop demo lens intact! Very cool and rare color!

Very Rare 1930s - 1940s Eyeglasses American Optical Tortoiseshell

Rare and Beautiful 1930s 1940s American Optical Eyeglasses,excellent condition

Sweeet Nordic Ski Sunglasses 1970s Japan High Quality Vintage

Very cool vintage Nordic Sunnies circa 1970s rare and extremely hard to find,mirrored lenses! Condition is very good with a little of the mirrored plating showing a little loss but very wearable very cool!

Cazal Designer Pink and White Tones made in Western Germany

Great condition, probably 1980s, hand made designer frames. Pink and White tones, model number is unreadable.

Stunning Vintage 1950s Cats Eye Eyeglasses

1950S Eyeglasses! Rare pattern and colorway.

Beautiful Eyeglasses Vintage 1980s - 1990s, Siaglotti brand

Great pair of high quality Siagloti brand 1980S 90s eyeglasses.

Smaller Bausch and Lomb New Never Used Eyeglasses. 1950s Amber Frames American Optical

Wow, we recently bought a small collection of never used B and L Bausch and Lomb Vintage Eyeglass frames, this listing is for an amazing pair of Brown frames as pictured. Star Trek model!

Black Cats by Swank, Cats Eye Eyeglasses, Swank Brand France, 1950s New Old Stock

1950S eyeglasses. Made in France by Swank! New old stock! Never been worn, from an Optical shop!!

Womens 1950s Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses Coppery Gold Rare, 12k Gold Filled

Check it out , Gold and rich Copper eyeglass frames from the early to mid 1950s. Excellent condition, 12 k Gold filled metal.

Antique Tortoiseshell Vintage Eyeglasses Round Lens Frames 1920s - 1930s Rare

RARE Round lens Antique eyeglass 1920s 30s ,these are very special and rare! FRAMES In very good original condition with minor patina!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Berkley Illustration

Oh me, Oh my. More whimsy than you can stick a shake at. Berkley Illustration do pastelly pencil drawings of aristocratic animals and make dandy prints from them for you (or maybe just me?) to froth over in their etsy store. Like a sir!

This wolf is a well-regarded philanthropist on a lifetime quest to right the wrongs of his ancestral lineage. His pet causes include Habitat For Humanity, Elder Care, and Lycanthropes Anonymous.

You might not expect the world's foremost authority on dungeon mastering to excel in the field of freak dancing, but this is not your ordinary badger.

Scavenger no more! This crow has grown up and received a PhD in Astrophysics. He is now one of the leading scholars on cosmic dust in the world. Not bad for a bird from the block, eh?

Some might say this black bear is a bit obsessive about bees. He built himself a home that resembles a giant honeycomb and he's currently tinkering with a method for naturally produced rainbow honey.

This skunk earns a fine living making soap containing tomato juice. His clients are always sold after his in-home demonstrations.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Found Gallery: Part 2

Another round up of the stunning glasses at the I Found Gallery Etsy store. You can see Part 1 here, and I have to warn you, there are many more parts to come!

Antique Gold Filled Vintage Eyeglasses Round Copper Colour with Gold Lens Frames 1920s - 1930s Rare

RARE Round lens Antique eyeglass Copper and Gold detail,1920s 30s ,these are very special and rare! FRAMES In excellent original condition,some minor ageing on gold wire stunning wearable pair!

12k Gold Filled Cateye 1950s Eyeglasses. Bausch and Lomb brand

Coppery Engraved 1950S Bausch and Lomb cateye frames. Sooo beautiful and in great condition! 12k gold filled.

Super Geek Safety Eyeglasses 1960s. Side screens to stop flying bullets

Very cool vintage eyeglasses frames. Safety glasses wide side screens

Stunning Vintage Oliver Peoples Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses, Cielo BCH 362

 Wow! Rare style designer Oliver Peoples Tortoiseshell Eyeglass Frames. Excellent Condition! Model number is Cielo BCH-362

1980s - 1990s Turquoise and Purple Vintage Women's Eyeglasses

Beautiful Marbled Turquoise and Purple 1980S - 1990s eyeglass frames, excellent condition.

Amor France, Rare 1950s Rhinestone Gold Filled Eyeglasses, Stunning

Unusual and Rare pair of early 1950s eyeglasses. Made in France Amor Brand! The colour is black and the condition is near perfect.

Womens 1950s Gold Filled Eyeglasses Tortoiseshell

1950s Fantastic pair of unisex horn rimmed eyeglasses. The tortoiseshell frames are sweet, the metal is stamped 12k gold filled.

Hipster Blue Eyeglasses Vintage 1980s Large Lens Marbled Blue and Black

Great pair of high quality Silhouette brand 1980S eyeglasses, Made in Taiwan. 

Rare Style Cat Eye 1950s Eyeglasses

Gorgeous and rare 1950s cat eye eyeglasses frames. Condition is excellent! 

Rare Vintage Bamboo Style Eyeglasses by Victory. New Old Stock, unused.

Wow rare style! Bamboo style eyeglass frames. Excellent condition! Made in USA by Victory, stunning rare pair of super cool and very unusual to see the bamboo with green frames!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Retro Glasses Poster

Just a teeny post to share this HOLY WHAT THE HELL awesome poster of the glasses of my dreams! Cat's eye...interchangeable rhinestone decorations...silver, turquoise, black, yellow, tortoiseshell and MORE colours to choose from...that killer acetate/metal combo that I love...phew! 

I actually feel dizzy thinking about them. 
I would like to thank and curse to Allposters for helping me stumble across them. For I love them so, but alas, they may never be mine...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dallas Green

Dallas Green really shows us how it's done. Nerdy glasses, a thick layer of tattoos, dreamy gaze into the distance, luscious facial hair, amazing music....wow, wow. Calm down there, me. Stay focused. How about I stop rambling and let you enjoy the pictures?

Monday, August 6, 2012

I Found Gallery: Part 1

I Found Gallery on Etsy has one of the largest and most covetable vintage eyewear collection I've come accross. I'm...completely dumfounded at the pages and pages of stunning stuff they're selling. I have this ritual where I hide my credit card whenever I browse their pages, and make a distinct effort to not be in the same room as my housemates who inevitably coo "oooo, that would look amazing on you!". Because they would look amazing on me, dammit, but how on this earth could I just pick one pair??

Rare model 623 Cazal Tortoiseshell Eyeglass Frames. 1980s. Western Germany. Mint condition.

Hip Hop - scene glasses by Cazal from the 80s, worn by Darren "Buffy" Robinson of the Fat Boys.

Massive synthetic Tortoiseshell frame with golden appliqué.

Christian Dior Monsieur Aviator Eyeglasses 1980s, Style 2300, New Old Stock

New Vintage pair of Christian Dior Monsieur aviator eyeglasses with original shop lenses intact. Style number 2300 by Optyl, Made in Germany, 1980s

Rare smaller size 1950s Cateye Inlayed Eyeglasses, Stunning Detail

Unusual and rare pair of early 1950s eyeglasses. Tony Ray brand. The colour is black with layered clear and the condition is great with only minor vintage wear.

Anne Klein Tortoiseshell Designer Eyeglasses Made in Hong Kong, Vintage 1980s - 1990s

Really Amazing pair of multi-colored tortoiseshell Anne Klein eyeglass frames, women's 1980s - 1990s MINT!!

Excellent condition. beautiful pair!

Jean La Font Designer Optical Op Art Vintage Eyeglasses Round Lens, Paris France

Wow, rare style designer Jean La Font of Paris, France eyeglass frames. Excellent condition!

Rare 1950s Black Cat Eyeglasses, Universal Optical Co. USA

Rare universal optical co. ,1950S Catseye Eyeglasses.

1950s Catseye Eyeglasses Pearlized Grey Tones

1950S Eyeglasses. The Color is pearl grey tone and the condition is great, only wear on the inside of the arms, not at all noticeable when wearing.

Hollywood Vintage Dior 2289 Iconic Design 1980s Large Lens Designer Eyeglasses

Vintage Christian Dior, style 2289. Worn by Famous actresses. Eyeglasses Made in Austria. Mint Condition CIRCA 1980s 

1950s Beautiful Cateye Browline Eyeglasses Marine brand USA

Classic and very Cool, Marine Brand Cat eye Optical glasses! Lenses were prescription ,overall excellent condition.  Minimal signs of vintage wear, 9 out of 10!

Men's 1950's Clubmaster style Eyeglasses 12K Gold Filled Bausch and Lomb iconic optical glasses

Bausch and Lomb original 1950S 12 k gold filled eyeglass frames! Black and Silver (White Gold Filled) color.