Sunday, December 15, 2013

Motley Eyewear by Allison Magpantay

I've just stumbled upon these wonderful specs by aspiring glasses designer Allison Magpantay. From her website:

"Motley Eyewear is interchangeable and customizable where it allows the wearer to have great diversity of elements. With many options to choose from, he or she has the freedom to simply wear whatever they desire. Due to its handmade process, no two styles are alike. Therefore, he or she can create their own pair of glasses so that their appearance is fully expressed."

Her blog states that she plans to change the name of the company, so if you're keen, googling 'Motley Eyewear' in coming months may not get you anywhere - but I do suggest to check out her tumblr to stay up to date on when they'll be released.

I'm personally loving the mossy pair, but I think the sequins would be a hit. Do you have a favourite?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sunglasses Styling - Ray Ban Ice Pop

When the Ray Ban Ice Pop Wayfarers slipped into my Pinterest feed a few days ago, it was love at first sight. They genuinely had me dreaming of fluffy clouds of sorbet, skipping in summer dresses and flirting by the water fountain.

This eye candy had me thinking about how I would style my dream outfit around it's tasty acetate...

I would start with a cutesy Kimbra hairdo (for the flirting, naturally)...

...then wrap myself up in one of these divine tea dresses... 

...anchor with some quirky brogues...

...and, for true attention-to-detail, a flutter of pastel floral tattoos.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Very French Gangsters = Amazing Kids Glasses

Myself and my myopic man recently had a little girl. Cool, huh? But part of making a person is the realisation that you're likely to pass at least some of your little faults and quirks on to them, and thus I'm lightly dreading her first eye test and the seemingly inevitable glasses selection that will follow.

Until I came across Very French Gangsters.

These specs are ACTUALLY AMAZING and I'm genuinely stoked at the possibility of my little lady's face getting wrapped up in their acetate goodness. I love love love everything about it - the photos, the styling, the names and of course, the glasses themselves. 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sunglasses Lust: Karen Walker Number One in Crazy Tortoise

Okay, so I haven't exactly picked an original frame here, but I have been OBSESSED with Karen Walker's Number One frame in Crazy Tortoise for years. They're classic with a modern twist, perfect for so many face shapes, a flattering, goes-with-anything tortoiseshell and they just put the biggest smile on my face. These are my dream sunglasses for summer!

Image from twelve:ofour blog

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Vintage Glasses

Please try to ignore the bags under my eyes!

My most incredible, Lady Gaga-esque ProDesign Denmark frames. An absolute find!

Sunglasses collection

My go-to pair of sunnies

A little obsessed with these Cazal frames

These are RIDICULOUS, I love them desperately! Amazing Harry Potter shape, complete with train track temples!

Neat as a pin vintage Gucci's