Sunday, December 15, 2013

Motley Eyewear by Allison Magpantay

I've just stumbled upon these wonderful specs by aspiring glasses designer Allison Magpantay. From her website:

"Motley Eyewear is interchangeable and customizable where it allows the wearer to have great diversity of elements. With many options to choose from, he or she has the freedom to simply wear whatever they desire. Due to its handmade process, no two styles are alike. Therefore, he or she can create their own pair of glasses so that their appearance is fully expressed."

Her blog states that she plans to change the name of the company, so if you're keen, googling 'Motley Eyewear' in coming months may not get you anywhere - but I do suggest to check out her tumblr to stay up to date on when they'll be released.

I'm personally loving the mossy pair, but I think the sequins would be a hit. Do you have a favourite?

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