Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Berkley Illustration

Oh me, Oh my. More whimsy than you can stick a shake at. Berkley Illustration do pastelly pencil drawings of aristocratic animals and make dandy prints from them for you (or maybe just me?) to froth over in their etsy store. Like a sir!

This wolf is a well-regarded philanthropist on a lifetime quest to right the wrongs of his ancestral lineage. His pet causes include Habitat For Humanity, Elder Care, and Lycanthropes Anonymous.

You might not expect the world's foremost authority on dungeon mastering to excel in the field of freak dancing, but this is not your ordinary badger.

Scavenger no more! This crow has grown up and received a PhD in Astrophysics. He is now one of the leading scholars on cosmic dust in the world. Not bad for a bird from the block, eh?

Some might say this black bear is a bit obsessive about bees. He built himself a home that resembles a giant honeycomb and he's currently tinkering with a method for naturally produced rainbow honey.

This skunk earns a fine living making soap containing tomato juice. His clients are always sold after his in-home demonstrations.

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