Monday, January 23, 2012

Sneaking Duck

OOoooOOOoo la la! 

Sneaking Duck had me at their natty name, but pushed the awesome up a notch by having some of the cheapest and amazeballingest specs available in Australia. Yeah yeah!

The glasses themselves have great names too. Check 'em out:

Blue Hole

Wool Spinner 

Pearl Knit

They also have luvverly photos of babes wearing the glasses, so you can see exactly how they would look on you if you're a supermodel! AND if you want to see what you would look like wearing them while you're looking like yourself and NOT like a supermodel, which you possibly do anyway, but just in case you possibly don't, then you can simply upload a photo of the front of your head, and their magic software will stick the glasses in front of it and WOW you know if you should buy them or not!

Here is a photo of a cartoon avatar of me wearing the Due Diligence frames

Nice, eh?

Here is their sweet website and Facebook page.

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