Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Found Gallery: Part 4

More on the amazing I Found Gallery Etsy store! See earlier posts One Two and Three if you want more of this goodness.

Amazing Hakin Mens 1970s Large Lens Eyeglasses Excellent Style

Translucent optical frames from the 1970s - 1980S. By Hakim , condition as new and amazing frames

France Handmade Women's Optical Eyeglasses Vintage 1980s. Beautiful Marbled Purple and Turquoise Tones

Great pair of high quality glasses. Made in France! By hand!1980S eyeglasses. Reminds me of Abalone shell marbled Purple and Blue and Brown Beautiful frames!

Stunning Mint Condition 1950s Women's Eyeglasses, American Optical Brand USA

1950S New old stock eyeglasses. Made in Western Germany !! Engraved Silver detail arms! Never used from an optical shop vintage stock. The arm is marked 12 ct which I believe means 12 k gold filled White Gold. Starset is the brand.

Christian Dior Vintage 1980s Eyeglasses. Style 2490 Women's

Perfect pair of Vintage DIOR 2490 frames from the 1980s. Made in Germany.

1980s Galactic Cherry Red Vintage Eyeglasses

Beautiful Cherry Red 1980S eyeglass frames. Excellent original 1980s - 1990s with original Galactic Brand

Imperial Brand Cool Cat Sunglasses, 1950s Rare

Great pair of Imperial brand optical tortoiseshell 1950s Sunglasses, rare! ,Excellent condition!

Women's 1950s Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses

Check it out , Golden and black beautiful eyeglass frames from the early to mid 1950s. Excellent condition.

Blue 1980s - 1990s Sunglasses, Super Nice Style, Women's

Beautiful pair of 1980s sunglasses. Fun pair!

Rare Nikon Aviator Sunglasses, Vintage 1970s - 1980s Japan. Model 3604 Non Prescription Lens Sunglasses

Mint pair of Vintage 1970s - 1980s Nikon sunglasses made in Japan. High quality Nikon lenses, these are harder to find than old Ray Bans! I believe these are 1970s to 1980s. 

Black Beauties 1950s Catseye Glasses from Italy Wow

These are amazing and rare as well. Made in Italy circa 1950's. The name on the arm appears to be Jaos. The glasses are near mint! It doesnt get much better than these!

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