Thursday, December 22, 2011

Frame of the Day: Herrlicht

WOW. So, I found these glasses about a year ago, while searching high and low for the perfect pair of wooden frames. I was soon to learn that they can be found, but with one of two major hurdles: either they are so expensive I would have to re-mortgage my house to buy a pair (it's a pretty cheap house, but still), or they just have NO Australian suppliers. In the case of these incredible, hand-crafted Herrlicht specs, the latter is definitely a problem (and possibly the former is too, but no way of finding out...). 

Still, that doesn't stop me dreaming and drooling about having these babies perched on my nose. Enjoy!

Check out the sweet, sweeeet hand-craftedness!

These guys also take out the award for the most mind-blowing spectacle case I've ever seen...truly stunning. I wish I could do this. Pass me the lathe!

You can check out more tasty timber here:

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