Thursday, December 22, 2011

Steampunk Spectacles

Trial frames in Optics (these nifty buggers displayed below) are quite intriguing to me. I love anything that looks super utilitarian, and I'm a big fan of "bells and whistles", so to speak. Highly functioning glasses! I would love to get a pair, actually. Imagine never having to worry about fitting new lenses again! Just *click-click* and your new script is ready to rumble!

The other reason I love them is because, I think, secretly, I love all things Steampunk. Yeah, I know it's spreading like an awful Regretsy-rash all over the internet, but I can't help myself! Hey, it's not like I watch crappy TV or do hard drugs, mmmmkay? I need my vices! 

Maybe I can blame it all on this guy, in this movie:

Mr. Johnny Depp as the dreamy, nutty scientist (that's four of my favourite things right there! Mmmm, dreamy nut Johnny scientist...) in Sleepy Hollow. Also, Steampunk is very Fullmetal Alchemist, although, all the googling in my morning couldn't find a single pair of nutty spectacles from that show, just classy wire frames like those Hohenheim wears (more on that later, perhaps?).

Anyway, strap on ya cogs, fire up yo' kettles, and get yerself welding, 'cause it's about to get steamy all up in here!

I imagine these side shields to be made of human skin. Yay for recycling!

This pair below is my absolute favourite. Weird, yeah, that I love utilitarian things the most when they come with an extra dash of impracticality? "Oh, scuzzy mah bug eyes, ol' chap, just trying to observe an electron!"

Colanderish. Super duper!

UNGH this reminds me of weird ass bugs making sweet, mechanical love.

These guys are clearly far too shiny and new to be practical in any way, derrrr. But I give out bonus points for coke-bottle amber lenses.

I'm so amazed that someone has managed to make a pair of glasses that basically look EXACTLY how submarines look to me.

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  1. Steampunk glasses are like an inventor's glasses. Like from the movie Back to the Future, Doc Emmett Brown is wearing one if I remember it right. These are specialized glasses, in fact, and they are used for dark and steamy places.

    Vincent Davis