Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bibby's Rocket Vintage: Part 1

I've stumbled upon this amazing Etsy store recently. It is an absolute treasure trove of vintage glasses, including the most sought-after of all, NOS frames! NOS means New Old Stock, which basically means they are vintage, but have been stored and never worn. It's not just the potential cooties you have to worry about with vintage eyewear, plastic frames can lose moisture the longer they're worn, and become brittle and lacklustre over time. NSO frames are still in beautiful, original condition, and completely ideal for fitting your lenses into without the potential heartbreak of them snapping in the optical lab!

There are so many beautiful frames here, I've decided to do two rounds of blog posts. I've also included most of the original description from the website, so it gives you a some tasty information about each of them. Stay tuned for another series of stunning specs soon, and in the meantime, check out the Bibby's Rocket Vintage store here!

Ruby Red and Honey Dipped Carved Cat Eye Frames, Mad Men Eyeglasses or Sunglasses, Golden Black Accents, NOS

Incredible deadstIock frames that absolutely glow in red, with golden hue accents and slight show of black around the edges; carvings like rays of sun, an art deco feel to these amazing and surprisingly versatile frames!

Rhinestone Spangled Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frames, France, Grey-Black Eye Glasses or Sunglasses, NOS Vintage

Beautiful doesn't begin to describe these glittering understated beauties! Well-constructed metallic / pearly smoke grey / black Frame France eyeglass frames -- never used and ready for your own prescription glasses or sunglasses! A great flourish of sparkling aurora borealis rhinestones curves around the side of the frame.

Big Gucci Very Faux Tortoise Shell Horn Rimmed Eyeglasses Frames, Hip Hop / New Wave / Director / Arcitect Prescription Sunglasses

Big Gucci frames in a very mannered tortoise-type un-pattern that upon closer inspection features a kind of plaid grid with amber, black, brown... Amazing. Reminiscent of the classic geek frame, with a novel twist. Some of the 'stripes' that contribute to the effect are lightly pearlescent. 

Vintage Pearl Eyeglasses / White Carved Cat Eye Sunglasses / Winged Frame France Raybert Pearl Horn Rimmed Cat Eye Eyeglass Sunglasses

Classic cat eye frames, carved edging detail with flame-like details, extreme bat wings! This is a designer Raybert Frame France eyeglass frame made with layers that show white sandwiched between pearly white on top and transparent underface.

Atomic Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frames / 1960's Sunglasses / Mad Men Frames / 60's Confetti Frames / Translucent and Auburn

A really pretty pair of cat eye frames! Fifties "atomic" era with confetti-like elements on the brow and arms, with a lovely auburn-colored highlight accenting the top

Black Shuron Clubmaster Frames, Recherche 48-22 Horn Rimmed Combination Metal Eye or Sunglasses, Man Men Unisex

Shuron Ronsir 'clubmaster'-style late model combination frame. A true classic in a sought after size and color combination.

Copper and Clear Cat Eye Frames, Horn Rimmed Combination Copper-tone Aluminium Eye or Sunglasses, NOS

Vintage new old stock frames feature an aluminum browline and temples, with a textured rose copper-colored chrome effect, and a deco-inspired golden metal relief. The frames are a clear horn rim with coppertone colored arms. 

Swank White Pearl Rhinestone Cat Eye Frames, Frame France, Spectacular Horn Rimmed Eyewear

Aurora borealis rhinestones and studs line the expanded brow of these lovely white pearlescent vintage frames, made by Swank, France

Cat Eye Eyeglass Frames, Combination Aluminium and Brown Sunglasses, Metal Accents

Liberty Optical frames are made in such a neat way, with aluminum elements in a golden / champagne color for the arms and brow, which meet the glossy, glowing brown horn rimmed frame. 

Huge MOD Cougar Bubble Sunglasses / Big Catty Eyeglass Frames / Golden Black-Spotted Eyewear, NOS Tiger, UNISEX

Absolutely enormous late sixties / seventies prescription-quality eye frame -- truly larger than life bubble frames ** with a leopard print pattern ** ! Cat eye frames -- literally :)

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