Friday, July 20, 2012

My Vintage Sunglass Collection

I'm obsessed with glasses. BIG SURPRISE I'm also obsessed with sunglasses. Crazy, huh? But my favourite combo of all is anything glasses + anything vintage. DOUBLY OBSESSED (that's a thing, yeah?)

So, every time I wander into a vintage or op shop, I make a bee-line for the awkward jumble of crappy glasses stashed undoubtedly in a cheap, rattan container on the bench. After rifling through the broken service station sunnies, over-the-counter reading glasses and cheap Ray-Ban knock offs, sometimes I strike pure gold in the form of some beautifully preserved vintage frames!

I've had a delve through my collection and bought out my finest retro pieces to showcase here. This is part 1 in what will probably be a 3 part series (yup, I've got that many!). I've kept it to sunglasses only for now, but I have a ton of prescription specs to bring out too. Look forward to that, but in the meantime, enjoy!

Check out the original Ray-Bans on the left - they aren't in the best shape, but considering their age, they're holding on great! 

These are an incredible pair of Gail Spence Design for Pro Design specs, made in Denmark. I don't think they're that old - the quality of them is impeccable - but they're at least old enough that someone would give them away. I've never seen another pair quite like them, complete show-stoppers!

These are Steppers, Made in Germany. Pretty retro - the fit of the temple is crazy weird. and they completely munch my face. Love!

Oh look! It's me! Looking super-duper attractive in a distinctly 80's number!
These guys are branded "Sign by Sarroff", which I've never heard off. I'm not convinced on the quality of the plastic - it's overly glossy and light - so I think these may have just been a cheap, fun pair.

Speaking of cheap and fun, this is the cheapest and funnest pair I've ever seen! They're a little too small for my face, so they look wicked spesh when I wear them (which, unfortunately for you guys, I'm not doing today!). Love the green face and the purple temples, and who can resist those paint-speckle freckles?

OOOOOOO, me again! Don't judge my awkward face, I spent the morning in hospital having boring tests, so I was tired and missing blood! Fun times. At least the fulli sick specs can hide my tired little eyes! This lovely pair says "TREND" on one temple and "MADE IN ITALY" on the other. Hmmm. Can't decide if cheap or just badly named...either way, what's not to love about a big, leopard-print cat's eye?

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